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For her, bad grades at a good school are probably worth more than good grades at a bad school, and she will still have more choices than the average child. Wherever she ends up she will make it work, but that’s up to her. We were always busy, always making things and learning something new. I like that they are never bored, and that they LOVE school. They pretend not to be sick when they have a cold just so they can go. Even among our friends, we are a bit of an extreme case.

Try your best to build a good relationship with your child’s teacher. Start off at the beginning of the school year and stay in touch as the year progresses. Your relationship with your child’s teachers will pay off during the good times as well as the challenging times. “Research has found nationally that children in homelessness are sick four times more often than their housed peers at the same income level,” Vann-Turnbull said. Homeless children are also more likely to miss school because they’re sick.

The problem is, it seems such for many professors. The goal of modern education is not to give knowledge to students directly. The primary target is to teach them to learn themselves. The major part of education efforts is independent. You have to do your assignment – search for the information, analyze it, and make conclusions. It is not about memorizing facts and dates, though it is a good exercise too – education is a much more complex work.

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This school has clearly made choices—these kids are going to get very good at algebra and maybe a little less good at creative writing. I can’t say I fault them in this, though I know what I would prefer to spend my days doing. Student-teacher ratios don’t seem to have changed much.

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My older daughter’s homework load this evening is just seven algebra equations, studying for a Humanities test on industrialization, and more Earth Science. The teacher was unmoved, saying that she felt the homework load was reasonable. If Esmee was struggling with the work, then perhaps she should be moved to a remedial class. She explained that this sort of cross-disciplinary learning—state capitals in a math class—was now popular.

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As soon as you get assignments from class, you can add everything to the calendar so you don’t forget. The less time you spend procrastinating and checking your text messages, the more quickly you’ll be done. If you think you can finish everything in a half hour, set a timer and work efficiently to finish in that amount of time. If you don’t quite finish, give yourself a few extra minutes. Write down as many details as you can about each assignment. It’s good to include the due date, corresponding textbook pages, and additional instructions from your teacher.

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Even though you may have exemplary communication skills and the best-laid plans for organization, you still need to keep homework interesting. If students don’t see the point or understand the benefits, they will be less likely to complete assignments. Incorporate planning time.Set aside time each week for students to plan their homework schedules. Have students use daily planners to map out after-school activities and schedule in blocks of time to complete homework. They can even schedule in downtime if they choose. Set up a homework file.Students need a simple, fail-safe system to stay organized.

Over time, they may procrastinate in order to avoid that frustration. Daily planners don’t always seem to help these children because they might lose, misplace, or forget to bring them. Gifted children who are disorganized have a hard time doing homework because they have misplaced the assignment, forgot to bring the book or worksheet home or forgot the due date. goodness is it a real drag every night when its homework time. I have to tell him 10 times its time for homework before he starts getting his stuff out.

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