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When choosing a topic for your essay, try to stay away from those trivial ones you can find on the web. Most probably, they are not going to add anything interesting to the discussion you will have in class. We suggest you spend some time thinking about the things that you find to be interesting and mix them up with the material your teacher gives you. The probability for you to come up with something really exciting is very high. In case you are stuck and do not come up with an interesting topic, let our experts assist you. Challenge our experts with the most complex assignments.

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The same is the case for a thesis paper where the dissertation proposal acts as a summary of 15 to 20 pages. The tips for this part are already included above but there are a few tricks one can master. The tone modulation of the entire proposal should be cross-checked by an official instructor. Also, creative writing should be toned down as many panel members prefer that a Ph.D. dissertation proposal must adopt a formal tone of writing.

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